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About Us

Our mission at Lost Art Apothecary is to normalize the use of CBD hemp as a holistic approach to your daily beauty and remedy regime. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access the therapeutic properties from Cannabis Sativa.

We strive to always use the highest quality ingredients in the industry to create topicals that truly are food for your largest organ; your skin. At the basis of every Lost Art Apothecary formula are 100% organic food-grade extra virgin oils, 100% organic traditional herbs, 100% organic vitamins and whole nutrients.

Why Hemp?

Lost Art Apothecary’s products are filled with terpene-rich, endocannabinoid engaging ingredients, especially Beta-caryophyllene. Beta-caryophyllene is a very unique terpene, as it also acts as a cannabinoid, opening CB2 receptors like CBD hemp does. In many ways, beta-caryophyllene is an important reminder that terpenes and cannabinoids are not separate, and that the two actually work in conjunction with one another. 

Full-Spectrum CBD, unlike Broad Spectrum or isolate CBD, has all of her integral cannabinoids and terpenes intact, and they all have therapeutic properties. Full-spectrum extracts are like fresh-squeezed orange juice, isolates are like Tang, lacking everything contained in the fruit’s nectar.

Why Hemp?

  Contemporary science confirms what so many traditional cultures throughout the world already knew: that hemp is a remarkably safe and effective herbal remedy. The development of CBD hemp cultivars allows those who wish to access the beneficial properties of this plant to do so without experiencing a psycho-active "high".

  In the late 1980's, groundbreaking research funded by the US government, at the St. Louis School of Medicine, found receptors in our brains, throughout our immune systems and just below the surface of our skin that are very sensitive to compounds in cannabis sativa. Receptors in the brain and body were dubbed CB1 and CB2 (cannabinoid) receptors. They are part of an internal system (endocannabinoid system), that decreases inflammation, allowing cells throughout the body to "rest" and return too normal, healthy functioning.


  Lost Art Apothecary topicals contain blends of wild crafted herbs such as arnica, white willow bark, calendula, and lavender, in a medium of whole virgin oils. They communicate directly with the body's highly attuned endocannabinoid system. And they offer an alternative to prescriptions and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals in many cases.

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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Lost Art Apothecary products offer quick relief with no negative side effects. They can be a good choice if you have apprehensions about consuming conventional pharmaceuticals.


  Our topicals should be in every first aid kit, backpack, purse, and gym bag. They only require a small amount to be effective and can be used as often as needed with no ill effects.


  Our topicals are truly artisan created, created thoughtfully and purposefully. They are carefully compounded topical creams, and liniment infused with tiny amounts of non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil. These topical treatments are absorbed quickly and easily through the skin. The cannabinoids in the hemp oil "click" into highly attuned receptors, allowing for faster and more complete assimilation of the formula's other healthful ingredients.


"Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."


  While hemp has its own amazing healing properties, it also boosts the healing properties of other traditional therapeutic herbs and oils synergistically. When the body's CB receptors are stimulated they open to allow the other beneficial ingredients access to be much more effective. Our amazing creams have 14 endocannabinoid engaging ingredients!  


  P.S. Pets have CB receptors in their bodies too! Use an eye-dropper to apply liniment to arthritic joints and skin disorders.

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