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Kind Words

Tina M.

Ailment: Joint pain due to Fibromyalgia

Remedy: Kind Skin Liniment

I discovered Kind Skin Liniment through a friend several years ago when I was visiting Lopez. After seeing how well it worked on my severe nighttime joint pain I made sure I bought myself the largest size they have and have picked up more on every visit and now, through the website. When the joint pain from my fibromyalgia wakes me up at night I just roll some of the liniment on and within 10-15 minutes I'm comfortable enough to sleep again. It works better for my fibromyalgia joint pain than anything else I have found, including prescription medications. I highly recommend it for use with fibro joint pain.



Ailment: Psoriatic Arthritis 

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

About five years ago I felt such severe pain in my right ankle that I thought I had sprained or broken it. It turned out to be Psoriatic Arthritis, lucky me. I am in pain every day with swollen feet and ankles. I am on medication, metsthraxate, but my condition persists. I tried Lost Art Skin cream at a trade show and felt relief in about fifteen minutes. Overjoyed, I purchased a starter supply of all the products and have been using them for two months.


I am overwhelmed with the gratitude I feel to finally be free of pain! I can walk, work out st the gym, travel, everything I love to do! I apply a thin layer of cream before and after activity and I am good to go! Miracle!

Erin B. 

Ailment: daily general use

Remedy: Face & Sensitive Skin Cream

I've used this on my face and hands for several years and have had noticeable improvement in my skin-tone and complexion. It looks a lot more even and has a noticeable glow throughout the day without feeling greasy or heavy. I've tried so many expensive skin creams over the years and nothing compares to this. Absolute staple in my beauty regimine, thank you!! 

Dawn W.

Ailment: Chronic Eczema

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

My 7-year-old daughter has suffered from chronic eczema since she was 2.  We have tried everything to help her, from elimination diets to Chinese herbal medicine to installing a whole-house water filtration system.  We also have seen numerous "specialists" but were uncomfortable with their suggestions of lathering her body with steroid creams and having her soak in bleach baths!


Using the Kind Skin Cream to our utter amazement, her eczema cleared significantly within just a few days!  We are thrilled to have found an all-natural solution to her skin problems.  Although we have not uncovered the trigger to the eczema breakouts, we now have a solution to provide her with immediate relief that is free from harsh, chemical ingredients.


Ailment: Fibromyalgia, arthritis, general joint and muscle pain, pets

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream, Kind Skin Liniment

I have tried many creams and when I ran into Denise in Everett at the farmers market a few years ago and she gave me a small sample of the Kind Skin Cream to try I was amazed on how well it worked. I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia years ago and nothing was working for me until I tried the Kind Skin Cream. I called Denise to find out when she would be at the market and she offered to bring me a jar right to my house.


I have been using the cream for a couple of years now and I carry the Kind Skin Liniment in my purse. This is the best cream out there. It works good for artheritis and any other joint or muscle pain. Right now I am able to pick it up at Hilton's Pharmacy in town and I have referred a lot of people to this cream. It is well worth the money and you don't have to use a lot. It just feels so good not to be in extreme pain anymore. I am also using it on the back of my dogs legs. She was born with dislocated hips and she will be fourteen years old. It has helped her too. All I can say thank you for this amazing cream and liniment. Thank you, Lilly

Tami T.

Ailment: general aches and pains

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

I am blown away at how good this cream works! I am getting old and I have lots of aches and pains. Put this Kind Skin Cream on and within minutes my pain is gone. It is AMAZING!

Betty B.

Ailment: Nerve pain, neck & shoulder pain, chronic foot fungus

Remedy: Kind Skin Liniment

I placed my first order just to try it out on the nerve pain I have in my leg and foot. Works great - I can't believe how quickly if takes the pain away. I decided to try it on my neck and shoulders which are in constant pain - it work great there also!


I went on a trip with my daughter and was telling her about how great it works. She has been treating toenail/foot fungus for over 10 years, with everything imaginable from oral meds to topical ointments and everything in-between without relief. We tried the liniment on her nails on one foot just so we had something to compare it to, unbelievable - those nails looked better in the morning, fungus not gone, but better. So she put the skin cream on her one toes and heel, oh my they too looked better just over night. We were together for about a week and she used both day and night. Her feet haven't felt and looked this good in years. We are anxious to see what the nails will look like when they grow out.


Needless to say I came home without my new purchases - but well worth it. I'm placing another order!! What a Blessing this is!!


Ailment: Pregnancy back pain & Sciatica

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

I bought Kind Skin Liniment to try for my back pain during pregnancy. I have used it on my  back the last few days and I am very impressed. The problems I've been having with sciatica during my pregnancy have been very painful and ongoing for months, but after only 15 minutes of applying the liniment the pain lifts. I have been sleeping better and have been more active in the last three days than I have in months. Better yet, I've only needed to apply it once a day. The pain seems to stay gone all day. This product is truly amazing. It even works on my right knee.


I've had major back pain issues for years and this is the first non-narcotic treatment to relieve the pain...and for the pain to be removed while I'm pregnant is even more amazing. Between the pregnancy, one protruding disk, two herniated disks, and a degenerative bone issue in my lower back it is unheard of for me to be pain free...the fact that this product removes the pain completely is truly amazing and life changing.

Carol N.

Ailment: blisters from a burn

Remedy: Kind Skin Liniment

I was cooking dinner and I pulled casserole out of the oven and grabber the metal handle with my hand and severaly burned three finger and my thumb. It was so painful all I could do was keep my hand in ice water. Then I thought about my Kind Skin Liniment and put it on and almost instantly the pain was gone. I had 4 blisters on my fingers but I never felt the burn again. I just love this product. It helps my pain so much.

Bailey N.

Ailment: knee & shoulder pain, Fibromyalgia

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

I was given a sample of cream at the market this summer and have cherished it ever since. It takes my knee and shoulder pain away with just a small amount almost instantly. I have searched and searched to find the name of the lady to buy a full size jar and have finally found her. I can’t wait to try every single other product as well as order some more kind cream. I’ve tried many CBD creams for my fibromyalgia and nothing comes close to as good as this stuff. 10/10!!!

Betty C.

Ailment: Arthritis, general aches & pains

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

A dear friend had pain in her hands from arthritis - had it for many years. Upon having the demonstrator rub some on her hands the pain was immediately stopped. We made the purchase on the spot and she has used it ever since and has had no pain in her hands. At first, she used it daily, but found she could use it every other day and sometimes every third day to keep pain away. As soon as she feels a twinge in her hands she rubs some on and no pain.


I have been awakened several times in the middle of the night with hip pain, get up and rub some on the ache and have practically instantaneous relief.


I think - no, I know - the cream is a great pain reliever. I'll be using it the rest of my life. 


Ailment: Severe joint & muscle pain, bruising, daily moisturizer

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream, Face & Sensitive Skin Cream

I began using the Lost Art Apothecary pain formula on joints and muscles where I experience severe pain. This product is simply the most effective topical pain reliever I have ever tried. By the time I get the cap back on the jar, even my most severe joint and muscle pain is a non-issue... and that is life changing. Truly.


After I had been using the pain formula a few months, I had an accident (face vs floor, floor wins! ) resulting in a really ugly and painful black eye. I began using it on my facial injury in hopes it would reduce swelling and bruising and pain. It did! I continued the use on my face for several weeks. It was a gruesome black eye!  Not only did I experience rapid progress in healing the injury, but I began to notice it was doing good things for my skin, so I began using it as I would a moisturizer, with great results.


My face looks less weathered and my complexion has improved.  I began noticing that the areas of discoloration and uneven skin tone are reduced and seem lighter. Even the spider web of wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have become less prominent. My face has a healthy glow. Enlarged pores are reducing. Coloration is more even. My skin tone has improved. The texture of the cream is light and makes my skin feel nourished, and yes, younger! As a sixty-five year old senior, I am experiencing results beyond my expectations, and will continue to use this product for life!


Ailment: Post-surgery pain, bruising and swelling

Remedy: Kind Skin Liniment

I tend to work and recover from working - no real quality of life. About two years ago, I broke my lower leg - shattering the bone into the ankle joint and my foot fell off. As you can imagine this has been a life changing event.  It took quite a bit of metal to repair my leg and attach my foot. My soft tissue has been exceedingly reluctant to accept the metal. I routinely swell and as the swelling decreases the flesh is bruised. It has been a viscous cycle.


Your Liniment has been really helpful with the pain and swelling - oh my goodness and the bruising!  I am feeling hopeful of having a more normal life now. Actually, being able to drive, to sit or stand a bit  longer! And perhaps being able to complete a task without having to sit and elevate every few minutes. 

Drifty V.

Ailment: daily general use

Remedy: Kind Skin Cream

I rely on Lost Art Apothecary's products to be my best so I can be there for others. As with all cannabis use, I am free of toxins and negative side effects associated with pharmaceuticals. It's unfortunate modern medicine hasn't caught on to the healing properties of this ancient plant.

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